Slowtwitch Limited Edition Team Launch

Every couple of years, usually in the Dog Days, Emilio and I are sitting around asking ourselves, "Is it time to do another run of Slowtwitch Team Kits?" And usually we say, "Nah," and we make another round of margaritas.

This time we didn't say nah. But we did make another round of margaritas. Here's the lastest, which Emilio has decide to call the Dan Empfield Collection. I've never had a collection before. I think maybe I've been sent to collection, I don't know.

Here it is for pre-order, wait time 4 weeks.

Please refer to the link above for details. You'll note that for all-comers there's a 15 percent first-time purchase code. But for Slowtwitch readers, here's my 35 percent code that I'm using: SLOWMANLINE35

Plug that in, you should get the discount I'm getting.

I chose this color scheme because I like a lot of white, but I don't see any reason to hide the fact that I'm coming (I've got the tiniest bit of Elton John in me).

There's a garment in this collection called a Fli Bib. This is what you get when a tri short and a cycling bib mate and have a baby. This is my favorite all-purpose garment, for racing triathlons, for footracing, and for run training. Heck, I even ski in it.

My days as an underwear model are behind me, and if you don't like the part of you that exposes itself between your tri top and your tri short, then the Fly Bib is your ticket. (This is where Elton and I part ways.)

There is no cycling apparel per se in this collection. I'm pretty sure I'll use the short sleeve Skin Cooler tri top as both my race top and a cycling jersey on warm days. It's light enough to wear easily under my wetsuit.

We love the womens here at Slowtwitch and there was no way we were going to offer a collection without a robust women's offer (in the image just above). We don't just think Kona should have equal pro women and men on the start line, we think they just oughta have all Saturday race day in Kona to themselves (and we want to win the apparel count).