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Asphalt Green Triathlon Club

555 E 90th St.
New York, New York 10128


Club President: Bryan Beary
Board Member(s): None
Total Membership: 500
Club Dues: $299 per year

General Information

Club Info: Active members of the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club are able to take advantage of a comprehensive training/workout schedule during the entire year; on- and off-season. These workouts/training sessions, which include all three disciplines that make-up a triathlon, are geared towards helping to improve overall fitness level, skills and performance. Members also have access to individual and group-coaching programs developed by USAT-certified coaches.

In addition to an active workout schedule, members are invited to exclusive seminars covering areas such as bike maintenance and fit, cycling and running performance, nutrition, injury prevention and open water swim. The Club also organizes many member social gatherings and an annual Awards Gala where we recognize top performers.

Register online at
Call to register at 212.369.8890 ext. 2272
Or send us an email at
Club Sponsors: For a full list of sponsors and club discounts visit:
Club Discounts: Specific benefits include:

 Access to a member-only website where individuals can post race results, sign-up to receive Club and other announcements and join discussion boards
 15% discount on any new Asphalt Green membership (please see the Asphalt Green website for details and specifics on the programs and offerings)
 Specials $65 rate for an hour of massage at Asphalt Green
 40% off the drop-in swimming rates to Asphalt Green for AGTC members
 25% discount for a bicycle fitting at Signature Cycles -- this is an exclusive to Asphalt Green Triathlon Club members
 10% discount off of any purchase over $100 at any Jack Rabbit retail store
 10% discount at any product at Toga Bikes, Gotham Bikes and Urban Athletics. This discount is only available at retail outlets and not available for on-line purchases
 25% discount on Polar products when ordered directly through Asphalt Green
 20% off ProMotion Wetsuits
 15% off Xterra Wetsuits
 Discounts on all Triathlon Training Institute programs and workshops
 Use of Asphalt Green Triathlon Club trainers, bicycle boxes and bicycle bags during races. These items are available on a first-come, first0serve basis and can only be used for a limited amount of time
 Other discounts on nutritional products available through Asphalt Green Triathlon Club coaches
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s): EG - Engineers Gate at 90th St and 5th Ave.
AG - Asphalt Green - Located at 91st St and York Ave.
Club Workout Schedule: Spring & Summer Workout Schedule (EG - Engineers Gate to Central Park: 90th/5th.)

Monday 8:00PM: TriStrength [AG Aqua Center, 5th floor studio] DeJuana Richardson

Tuesday 5:30AM: Steady State Aerobic Ride [Meet at EG at 5:25AM] Led by Sponsored Athletes

Tuesday 5:45AM: Speed Run [AG Field / AG Murphy Center Gym, 4th floor] Coach Neil Cook

Tuesday 7:00PM: Group Run - All Paces Welcome [Meet at EG at 6:55PM] Led by Sponsored Athletes

Wednesday 5:30AM: BRick [Meet at EG at 5:25AM] Coach Anthony Carillo and Josh Gold

Wednesday 5:30AM: Beginner BRick-let [Meet at CP Boathouse, 72nd and East Drive, 5:25AM] Coach Neil Cook

Wednesday 7:30PM: Group Swim [AG Aqua Center - Ground floor] Coach Josh Gold

Thursday 5:30AM: Cycling/Strength Ride [Meet at EG at 5:25AM] Led by Sponsored Athletes

Thursday 5:45AM: Beginner Ride-let [Meet at EG at 5:25AM] Coach Neil Cook

Thursday 7:00PM: Outdoor Run Strength Workout [Meet at EG at 6:55pm] Coach Neil Cook

Saturday 8:15AM: Intermediate and Advanced Long Ride [Meet at EG at 8:10AM] Led by Sponsored Athletes

Saturday 8:30AM: Beginner Long Ride [Meet at EG at 8:25AM] Led by Sponsored Athletes

Sunday 7:00AM: Group Swim [AG Aqua Center - Ground floor] Coach Josh Gold

Sunday 8:45AM : Group Long Run - All Paces Welcome [Meet at EG at 8:40AM] Led by Sponsored Athletes
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: For a full list of member events and announcements visit://
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