Triathlon Clubs


Xtreme Multisports

73 Prospect Street
Babylon, New York 11702


Club President: Greg Moriates
Board Member(s): None
Total Membership: 30
Club Dues: $35 - jerseys are additional

General Information

Club Info: We are a club geared to having fun and being as competitive as you want! We accommodate first-timers to elite athletes.

Its family fun or competitive fun. Your call! We are growing from a local club to a national club!
Club Sponsors: Expedited Environmental Services, Inc
Syntek Construction Group
Ameriprise Financial (Liana, Meridino Group)
Aloft Design
Memorial Solutions, Inc.

Various additional sponsors will make the list once there fee is received.
Club Discounts: We have affiliates through and offer discounts through:
Infinit Nutrition
TP Massage Therapy

We also run a full service coaching, fittings, clinics, training camp, etc services that each member gets a discount towards.
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s): Our workouts are based on the individual. We perform indoor trainer session during the winter to long T-session during the summer.

We do not have specific workouts at a given time as each athlete is different.

We have various meeting locations based on the goal of the workout that range from lower NY through Long Island. We also have training camps all over.
Club Workout Schedule: We perform weekly Sunday morning rides and bricks. The workout is geared towards the individuals with upcoming races and for pleasure.
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: We currently meet for dinner once a month or every other month. However, as we continue to expand to a national level, we will start web-conferencing.
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