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Richmond Tri Club

PO Box 29327
Richmond, Virginia 23242


Club President: Jack Crowley
Board Member(s): Yes, Their Names - Brian Bortell, Erin Murphy, Robb Sultzer, Linda Fournier, Deb Kurdts, Matt Carr, Jack Crowley
Total Membership: 655
Club Dues: 25 single; 40 family

General Information

Club Info: Welcome to the Richmond Triathlon Club. We are a social club, dedicated to promoting multi-sport activities in the central Virginia Area. For the last three years, our club has had member participants in triathlons around the world including the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and the Xterra World Championships in Maui, Hawaii as well as member participation at many local and regional races. But we are more than a club that just recruits exceptional athletes - we are also a club promoting the ideals of multisport activities across all levels including beginning 1st time "newbie" athletes, recreational age group athletes, and elite age group and open division athletes.

Since our inception in 2000, the Club has grown to over 650 members. We promote multi-sport training and offer group workouts for all levels. Our goal is to be the premier multi-sport resource in Virginia. In addition, we also strive to get crazy once in a while. The club has scheduled social events and often after group workouts, get together for a post workout "carbo-load"session. We reach out to the community and bring multi-sport to Richmond by annually hosting the 3-Sports Duathlon in West Creek Business Park in April and the 3-Sports Sprint Triathlon at the Shady Grove YMCA in July. So if you're interested in a little sweat, a little work and a whole lot of fun, the Richmond Triathlon Club is here for you.
Club Sponsors: Check out this link for our sponsors page:
Club Discounts: WHAT YOUR *$25 / $40 MEMBERSHIP GETS YOU

WIN $100
If you race in RTC colors, you are eligible to win $100.

1. Be a registered member of the Richmond Tri Club.
2. Wear the RTC uniform in a race; any race. It can be an Ironman or a 5K trail race, a Sprint Tri, XTerra Worlds or the local criterium; any race, anywhere.
3. Get a picture of you racing in the uniform.
4. Send your picture and your results to (be sure to brag!)
5. Check the TriNews for the drawing results. See Race Rewards for more information.


Free access to comprehensive clinics (swim, bike, run, transition, nutrition, weight lifting, injury recovery and more) featuring many of our Top 6 and High Level sponsors, regionally and nationally- recognized professionals. Learn more details by going to the RTC Calendar.


And discounted services. Access to the free monthly consultations with Commonwealth Sports Medicine, and Active Chiropractic. Q&A access to all our Top 6 and High Level Sponsors, bike maintenance, bike fitting and triathlon coaching. Contact those sponsors. Visit our Sponsor Page for more information.


Extra Gear will supply, by request to Training Plans, a generic training plan for mental training.


Unlimited access to all the RTC's weekly Saturday swim lanes and coached Sunday monthly swims with Sponsor and coach John Pace at ACAC.


Several of our sponsors and members host group workouts that include swim (open water & pool), bike, run (including time trials) and brick (bike & run) group workouts. Learn more details by going to the RTC Calendar.
Directions to Workouts & Meeting Location(s):
Club Workout Schedule: Too numerous to list here. See the calendar on our website:
Club Meetings & Events Schedule: Club meetings are held on the first Monday of every month at 5:45pm at the Tuckahoe YMCA.
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