This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Feeling the Burn

I have a specific approach that I like to take for any type of shopping trip: map out a plan, get in and get out. It's quick. Simple. Efficient.

That tends to be the approach I like to take when I'm riding indoors on Zwift. Let's get in some intensity, some structure, and get the heck on out of there. Some of that is related to the fact that my "pain cave" is located down in the basement, and some of it is related to the fact that I'm frequently Zwifting while it's dark. That and I'm pretty positive I could recite to you Peppa Pig episodes in correct chronological order as it is the preferred entertainment of our 3-year-old daughter while Mom or Dad is on the trainer.

The point being: we're looking to give you the maximum bang for your buck on this week's Slowtwitch Indoors rides and runs on Zwift. In order to do that, we tend to crank up the intensity a little bit. If you're finding the salsa to be a bit caliente, you can always use the Zwift Companion app to turn down the bias a bit.

100/100 Challenge Runs

Lord knows that I have failed miserably in my bid to complete the 100/100; crashing your bike hard the day before the challenge started will do that to you. The new goal is to shoot for 70.

That being said, the Challenge is significantly easier when you've got motivated individuals joining you for a run. As of this writing, we've got 3 more runs available to help you keep the streak alive:

Monday, 7PM Eastern
Wednesday, 7 AM Eastern
Wednesday, 7 PM Eastern

Slowtwitch Indoors Rides

The riding this week are all rides of my creation, meaning if you have a grievance to air, forward it my way. I'm still figuring out the best balance on some of these rides, even though I do subject myself to them first before they enter the ride rotation.

Ride of the Valkyries
Our women's only training ride this week heads to New York City! We'll be taking a tour of the Astoria Line 8. Our workout title gives away what you'll be doing: Pyramids and Sprints. Have fun!

Tuesday Structured Training
Our original ride continues to deliver a punchy experience. This Tuesday will also be featuring the New York City world, going for a trip around the Everything Bagel. Embrace your inner Clubber Lang and bring the pain, as that's the name of this week's workout.

Rise and Grind
Might we recommend waking up 15 minutes earlier and getting a bonus cup of coffee in? Given the return of Alex to the B group lead, this week's trip around Watopia's Waistband will be full gas from start to end. We should have full ride leaders across all categories this week, along with our traditional B group caboose (me).

Hilly Vanilli
We've received positive feedback after adding the fence to this ride, so expect to see it turned on for the majority of the event until it's really time to try to stay away (or catch the group up the road). This week should be a good opportunity for the Ds to stay away on the Out and Back Again circuit in Watopia.