Zwift’s First Multisport All-Comers Race Debuts Wednesday

It’s the Zwift Duathlon League Season 1 Race 1 on Wednesday, and as of now 1,416 Zwifters are signed up. Sign up and see results here.

The first of six weeks of Zwift Duathlon races will take place on Wednesday upcoming, February 17th. Each race will take place Wednesday, consisting of a 35 minute bike race and a 15 minute footrace, separated by 10 minutes.

Perhaps surprisingly, considering the space, expense and logistics, almost 30 percent of all Slowtwitchers responding to a flash poll (520 respondents in total) report that they are Zwift “Duathlon Compliant,” meaning their pain caves are set up for a Zwift ride and run event as announced by Zwift.

If you think this is of interest to you, there are some things you need to do in advance. You need to register with Zwiftpower (here's how), and you’ll need a heart rate monitor that you pair with Zwift, in-game, as you ride and run, as a layer of “insurance” that you’re actually doing the work.

There are six options for you on Wednesday, because Zwifters live in every time zone.

3am PST bike; and 3:45am PST run
7am PST bike; and 7:45am PST run
11am PST bike; and 11:45am PST run
3pm PST bike; and 3:45pm PST run
7pm PST bike; and 7:45pm PST run
11pm PST bike; and 11:45pm PST run

You can’t mix and match. You have to do the run associated with the ride that started 45 minutes before. There are A and B categories for each event. Only one will be available for you to join, A if you're a woman, B if you're a man.

You will be scored based on the distance you travel during bike the bike and run legs: 1 point for every 5 meters cycled; 1 point for every 1 meter run.