Indoor Training

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This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: And Now We Run

: Weekly Zwift runs join the schedule, doubling our weekly event calendar.

Cranking Up the Eye Candy: The Pain Cave in Ultra 4K

: You've put together the ultimate pain cave, but are you getting the most out of your indoor training application? We're going to look at what it takes to maximize the visual experience of indoor ...

Slowtwitch 12 Days of Xmas, Feedback Sports Omnium

: This tiny trainer throws punches above it's weight.

Hand Me the Remote, please: An Introduction to the Zwift Companion App

: Zwift offers a neat Companion application that acts as your remote control for all things Watopian. Let's have a look at the functionality it provides!

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: All About the Hills

: Earn (or burn off) the bird with some quality climbing efforts on Zwift.

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Race Simulations

: Whether you're in the midst of cyclocross season or trying out Zwift racing, our Zwift rides this week will help get you ready.

When You Weren't Looking: What's New in Zwift

: It's that time of year where you might be retreating back to the pain cave and getting back into Zwifting. Let's have a look at what has changed while you were away.

Zwift: It Do Run Run Run!

: With the popular 100/100 Run Challenge starting in a couple of weeks, some of the members of the Slowtwitch community will be hitting the good ol’ “dreadmill.” Why not make it a bit more fun? ...

Upscaling Your Pain Cave with the Saris MP1 Nfinity

: It's an unprepossessing look, just sitting there. But it comes alive when you're aboard it.

Smart Trainers 2020: Direct-Drive Trainers

: We continue our inventory of the current smart trainer market by looking at the direct-drive options available as we head into 2020. Let's have a look at the expanding selection of products made to ...

Smart Trainers 2020: Rear-Wheel Trainers

: With indoor season just around the corner (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), we wanted to put together an inventory of all of the smart trainer options on the market. In this installment, we ...

Wahoo Kickr Bike: On the Leading Edge of a Hot New Category

: If Peloton's bike had never existed, the new adjustable smart bikes by Tacx, Stages, Wattbike, Wahoo would still have been made.

It’s a VirtuGo-a-Go-Go!

: In today’s indoor training landscape, we have a lot of good options to entertain and train - or as I like to describe it, “entertrain”. In the last few years, we have witnessed the rise of ...

It's Hot, Sunny, Great Riding Outdoors. Translation: How Do I Zwift?

: Late to the Zwift Party? No matter. Let’s get you up to speed right now.

Stationary Cycling Isn’t Seasonal

: Honestly, 25 years ago, we rode our Computrainers more in the spring/summer than we did in the winter.

Wahoo Acquires The Sufferfest

: Stationary cult favorite The Sufferfest will become part of Wahoo Fitness's suite of indoor cycling products.

This Virtual Week (May 20-27, 2019)

: "Factory Work" and "Road Trip" are two new workouts debuting this week. Is this your week you take the Zwift plunge?

This Virtual Week on Slowtwitch

: Did you notice Zwift on WAPO yesterday? That's almost as big as Zwift on Slowtwitch tomorrow!

This Week's SlowZwift Events

: Writing Zwift workouts takes a little panache I think. If you take pride in your work.

Delightful Masochism Playing on a Screen Near You

: It's my latest workout. See it (and ride it) on Tuesday.

This Virtual Week: Slowman Writes His First Zwift Workout

: This Virtual Week are weekly prompts on the virtual community events Slowtwitchers engage in over that week.

A Quick Peek at Road Grand Tours

: Multiplayer platforms are the hot ticket in stationary cycling. Here's one you'll want to know about.

Garmin Buys Tacx

: Both companies had a need. But both companies had a similar problem. Wahoo is the presence in the background of this acquisition.

On Zwift Every Day is Race Day

: Did you know there's ZADA? Like WADA? And actual prizes for Zwift races? Results and rankings? Categories?

Rouvy! (You'll Like the Movie)

: We're running out rhymes for Rouvy. (Anybody wanna peanut?) But this 3rd installment tells you more about a hot new stationary platform.

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