Indoor Training

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The Birth of Zwift

: "I should probably turn this thing into a product, but for now, it's just used by me."

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Slowtwitch Staff Thursday

: Join our team of editors, writers, and contributors across our Thursday events this week.

Zwift Routes: The Runners Only Club

: If you want to add some fun to your indoor running, Zwift offers a nice selection of routes just for you! Let’s take a look at the run-only routes currently available in Zwift.

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Flat and Fast

: This week's rides and runs feature Fuego Flats.

Update on the RUNN Treadmill Sensor

: I tested two things: does it work on curved treadmills? And just how accurate is this device?

Getting Started with Ironman VR

: IRONMAN has stepped into the virtual racing arena with their new IRONMAN VR race series. What do you need to participate? Let's find out!

Tacx NEO Bike Long Term Review

: Here is everything good, and everything less good, about one of the industry leading products of 2020

Every Thursday, it's Jimmie's Day

: Jimmie Will Richey has developed a cult Zwift following while leading Thursday's Hilly Vanilli D Group.

Saris MP1 Platform

: There is one product for stationary that is different than any other. This platform makes stationary riding feel more like outdoor riding.

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Exploring Watopia

: All but one event this week takes place in Zwift's original virtual world.

To Erg Or Not To Erg

: I wrote this about the same time that a thread - "Why you need to quit ERG mode..." - appeared on our forum. I didn't write it in response that thread; it was just a happy coincidence. This is the ...

Yes, You Can Change Your Smart Trainer to 12-speed

: Here's the cost and the process to migrate almost any smart trainer from 11sp to 12sp.

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Introducing Casual Fridays

: It's not about the dress code. It's the newest addition to our Zwift ride calendar.

Virtual and Actual Bike Choices for Stationary Racing

: Whether Zwift or IRONMAN VR, your actual stationary bike choice, your virtual bike choice, and your rider position will make a difference.

Do the NEO Bike and the Garmin Vector 3 Power Numbers Match?

: Historically NEOs and Vectors did not have a great reputation for generating congruent power numbers. What about now?

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Let's Go Racing!

: We take on the crown jewel of Zwift climbing for our first-ever racing event this Thursday.

Smart Bike Shootout

: For me, the KICKR Bike is the product of the year. Or it's the NEO Bike. Each is way ahead of whatever is in third place.

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: To the Top!

: Bring your climbing legs. We're attacking some of Zwift's biggest climbs.

The RUNN Wireless Treadmill-to-Zwift Sensor

: This $99 unit has advantages over a footpod, if you're a Zwift runner.

Virtual Racing Today: Ironman and Others

: The Western World is one week into social isolation; Ironman and others rush to fill the void in virtual communities and platforms.

Getting to Know Slowtwitch Indoors

: Joining Zwift for the first time? Looking for new rides to fill your schedule? Meet our slate of events.

The Kickr Bike: Long Term Review

: Since I’m writing about the Kickr Bike today my time to give it back is approaching, and this won’t be easy.

Pain Cave Displays

: I’m beyond certain there are better, cleaner, sexier Pain Caves out there. I’m not the Cave expert. Maybe a Pain expert.

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Return to Watopia

: All of our rides and runs take place in Zwift's original virtual world.

This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: May (Field) Day!

: Our runs move to Watopia's track for the foreseeable future.

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