Boom Boom Matty Reed

Matty Reed recently got the US citizenship and is now pushing hard for a spot on the US Olympic team. If things work out, he will join his brother Shane Reed who just made the Olympic team of New Zealand.

ST: The Olympic Trials are almost upon us, are you ready and what else is on your schedule for 2008?

Matty: My plans are to get my run back to where I can rely on my run to win races and not have to win the races on the bike. Hopefully I will be swimming a little better and riding just as well but will have a killer run. I will obviously be gunning for the Olympics and also concentrating on many non-drafting American races like St Anthony’s , Life Time fitness, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas.

ST: Matty, you won St.Anthony’s in 2007 and ended the season as the top ranked American. Are you happy how your 2007 season went?

Matty: I was happy, but I know I can compete a lot better. I really didn’t feel like I was complete. My run was just not there, but I was swimming well and biking great. At the end of the year I looked back and was pleased with some good performances but I really knew that I have to lift my run to another level to compete with the likes of Simon Whitfield, Javier Gomez and those top class runners in the ITU races or even Greg Bennett in the non-drafting races.

ST: What does a typical mid season workout week look like for you?

Matty: I do a lot of key sessions and not much recovery. I would say quantity with a lot of quality

ST: Boulder, CO seems to be perfect if looking for training partners. Do you actually use this to your advantage?

Matty: I have Clint Wells to run with who is a 29 flat 10km runner, and it has really helped me to chase him in every workout. Tyler Hamilton is there to ride with but I really do a lot of training on my own. I have no troubles pushing myself by myself.

ST: Tell us a little bit about how you spend the off-season.

Matty: I take 2 weeks of everything and December completely of biking.

ST: Where did the nickname Boom Boom come from?

Matty: I have really big balls and they go Boom Boom when I walk down the street. I am just kidding, the real reason I am called Boom Boom is after a day in a pool with some top Aussie swimmers, I was the only triathlete that could hang for a little and a guy said you went by me like boom .... And well that is where it came from.

ST: Can you tell our readers about your triathlon gripes?

Matty: My main concern is the drafting in non-drafting races, the stagger rule just doesn’t work. I also hate when I win a race and then get blamed for drafting of the lead vehicle, that’s lame. Also when you are off the front and you know they are swapping turns peloton style behind you and it really is basically legal.

ST: Have you had help with your bike fit?

Matty: No I have always just been riding what is comfortable and whatever position I feel gives me the most power. Bike fits are great but I have been riding for 20 years so I know the fastest position for me and the fastest position that will allow me to run fast off the bike.

ST: How are things going for you in terms of sponsorship?

Matty: Great but could always be better. I am fortunate to have had some great loyal companies such as CytoSport, Rudy Project, Fuji, Kiwami and SUNTO. For me Loyalty goes along way. This year I have signed a company everyone has heard of and is a local company here in Boulder. CROCS are something that I wear everyday and it made sense for me to endorse them because they are on me everyday anyways.

ST: How many bikes might we find at your house if we came by and looked? And what are they in terms of brand and model?

Matty: Well two less than normal because someone stole 2 this past fall… I will find you!!!!!
Right now, 10 all Fuji man… a few TT ones and a few team issue. Oh and Lachlan's Like-a-Bike.

ST: Can you tell us about your family?

Matty: My wife Kelly is a triathlete too and has completed 11 Ironmans. I have 2 kiddies, one is 2 and a half and the other is 2 months old. She really likes to cry. Her name is Peyton and she takes after her mother. My son is named Lachlan and he is going to be a basketball player. I really have a perfect family and will enjoy winning races this year with them hopefully watching. (the tall blonde kid in the pic is not our son)

ST: Do you follow any other sports?

Matty: I love Basketball and am looking forward to the day I can play again.

ST: Can you share with us some of your food likes and dislikes?

Matty: I am a well-rounded eater. I eat healthy and eat pretty much anything. Don't really eat fast food much but will treat myself to an In and Out burger once in a blue moon, and a celebratory KFC bucket. But really I eat lots of fruit, veggies, pizza and red meat. Basically a balanced diet that includes a little lollies and chocolate.

ST: What about music? Anything you listen to more often?

Matty: Linkin Park, Silverchair, a little Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, some rap

ST: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Matty: Doing triathlon…. I see retirement in 6. Then I want to open a coffee shop/bookstore and raise my kids.