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Does field size actually matter?

: The Olympic Trials this weekend will be a quite interesting and exciting race but might not indicate who will do best in Beijing. The small fields in both events will most likely impact the race ...

Trek dumps LeMond—analysis

: What follows is an opinion piece written by a new voice we’ll feature on Slowtwitch for just such occasions as Trek’s decision to abandon the LeMond brand. The author goes by the nom de plume ...

Analyzing the proposed running/multisport mega-merger

: A deal's danger of "blowing up" increases exponentially as the parties prepare to sign. Nevertheless, we handicap and analyze.

Zen and the art of race selection

: Our "Eight days of Florida" are behind us. Lessons are there to be learned.

Florida gets the last word

: Drafting in Florida. Say it isn't so! Florida gets a bad rap for the drafting at events in this, America's flattest state. And it's got a thing or two to say in its own defense.

Every Interbike tells a story

: These industry shows will present a theme if you listen closely. But the theme is interpreted through the prism of each attender's bias. Here's how it played out for our publisher.

Independent Iron Distance Races Flourish in Canada

: Slowtwitcher Devashish Paul discusses the state of long distance triathlon events in Canada.

Welcome!... Again!... to Slowtwitch.com.

: As you may note, we've remodeled. Here's why, here's who, and here's what's coming next.