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Book Review: <i>Run for Life</i>

: A review of Roy Wallack's Run for Life: The Anti-Aging, Super-Fitness Plan to Keep You Running to 100. Skyhorse Publishing. 2009. USA paperback. Price $14.95.

Still amateur hour atop the USOC?

: The USOC's self-appointment as Michael Phelps' mentor and confessor—after exercising its role as judge in an affair over which it has debatable jurisdiction—demonstrates that its approach to ...

2008 - The Year In Review

: In 2008, triathlon may or may not have had its best moments in history, but it had two very different epic performances at the Olympics, giants retired and passed from the scene, youth and age shined ...

Inside Triathlon's face lift

: Inside Triathlon returns as a coffee table book, every other month. It's exceptionally well done, and Competitor Group's risky gambit may prove out.

Act Two: From Chrissie Who? to the Triathlete from Another Planet

: Chrissie Wellington, the new Empress of Kona, shrugs off a flat, smashes the field, and weeps with joy.

Kona odds - the men

: Outguessing Madame Pele on Ironman Day is a fool's errand. But here we go again.

Kona Odds - The women

: Last year, Chrissie Wellington was an unkown dark horse and her shocking victory was the biggest upset in Kona history. hius year, it will be the biggest upset in Kona history if she doesn't win.

Ironman: Is it all about Pipe?

: Why did the Gills family sell the Ironman? Why did Providence Equity Partners, a private equity company, buy it? What does it all mean to you and me?


: Witnesses are sworn in and asked to identify the guilty party in a lineup of Olympic athletic catastrophes. Roll tape. One by one, they watch a series of mind boggling disasters.

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

: Hurricane Bob is a popular triathlon columnist... for another publication. We love to read him on Xtri.com, and we love it when he visits here. He recently posted to an Ironwidow thread, and we ...

Those lazy hazy crazy days of Summer

: Nat King Cole didn't sing about this kind of Summer. You know you've got an air quality problem in your state when you can't find blue sky two miles above the sea.

Jay Prasuhn joins the Slowtwitch family

: Jay Prasuhn has established a reputation for competence, fairness and for being exceptionally well-informed. He's one of triathlon's wordsmiths and as our new Senior Editor we're glad to report he'll ...

Does field size actually matter?

: The Olympic Trials this weekend will be a quite interesting and exciting race but might not indicate who will do best in Beijing. The small fields in both events will most likely impact the race ...

Trek dumps LeMond—analysis

: What follows is an opinion piece written by a new voice we’ll feature on Slowtwitch for just such occasions as Trek’s decision to abandon the LeMond brand. The author goes by the nom de plume ...

Analyzing the proposed running/multisport mega-merger

: A deal's danger of "blowing up" increases exponentially as the parties prepare to sign. Nevertheless, we handicap and analyze.

Zen and the art of race selection

: Our "Eight days of Florida" are behind us. Lessons are there to be learned.

Florida gets the last word

: Drafting in Florida. Say it isn't so! Florida gets a bad rap for the drafting at events in this, America's flattest state. And it's got a thing or two to say in its own defense.

Every Interbike tells a story

: These industry shows will present a theme if you listen closely. But the theme is interpreted through the prism of each attender's bias. Here's how it played out for our publisher.

Independent Iron Distance Races Flourish in Canada

: Slowtwitcher Devashish Paul discusses the state of long distance triathlon events in Canada.

Welcome!... Again!... to Slowtwitch.com.

: As you may note, we've remodeled. Here's why, here's who, and here's what's coming next.

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