Bozzone, Roy prevail at Cozumel 70.3

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Bozzone overcame a 13 seconds deficit in the swim with a race-best bike split that brought him within 4 seconds of the leader and a third-fastest run to finish in 3:50:36 with a 1:08 margin of victory over Matt Chrabot of the U.S. and 2:12 over home country favorite Mauricio Mendez of Mexico.

Roy made up for a 2:06 deficit after the swim and a 3:29 deficit after the bike with a women's-fastest run to finish in 4:18:47 with a 2:58 margin of victory over Leanda Cave of Great Britain and 6:13 over 3rd place finisher Svenja Thoes of Germany.


Chrabot led the swim with a 21:56 split that gave him a 3 seconds lead on Mauricio Mendez of Mexico, 5 seconds on Paul Matthews of Australia, 8 second son Joaquin Pereda, 13 seconds on Bozzone, 15 seconds on James Hadley of Great Britain, 1:13 on Cody Beals of Canada, and 2:06 on Raul Tejada of Colombia.

Halfway through the 56-mile bike leg, Chrabot held a 2 through 5 seconds lead on Mendes and Matthews, 2:08 on Hadley, 2:44 on Yvan Jarrige, 2:44 on Mendez, 4:22 on Beals, and 4:47 on Tejada. After race-best 2:05:21 bike split, Bozzone led Chrabot by 18 seconds, Mendez by 3:22, Beals by 7:09, and Michael Weiss of Austria by 8:12.

After the race, Chrabot wrote on Facebook that the heat and his strategy played a part in losing the lead: "After leading the swim and riding well, I got greedy in the opening 5km of the run and ran a bit harder than I should've. The heat in this place is unreal. While I began hemorrhaging time to the competition after the first 10km @terenzo1 was able to close the 1 minute deficit, I managed to hang on to the bridesmaids slot without letting @maumendezc catch me."

After a 3rd best 1:19:41 half marathon, Bozzone finished in 3:50:36 with a 1:08 margin of victory over Chrabot (1:20:41 run) and 2:12 over 3rd place Mendez (race-best 1:15:19 run).


Kelsey Withrow of the U.S. led the swim in 23:34 which gave her a 4 seconds lead on Cave, 1:37 on Sarah Cameto, 2:01 on Christen Brown, 2:06 on Roy, 2:15 on Anne Basso, 2:33 on Ewa Komander, and 5:29 on Svenja Thoes.

Leanda Cave took over the lead with a women’s 2nd-fastest 2:23:16 bike split which gave her a 3:19 lead on Brown, 3:23 on Roy, 3:28 on Cameto, 4:28 on Thoes, and 4:29 on Komander.

Halfway through the half marathon, Cave held a shrinking 1:04 lead on Roy and 3:25 on Thoes.

At 15km, Roy passed Cave and held it to the finish. After a women's-fastest 1:24:59 run split Roy crossed the line in 4:18:47 with a 2:58 margin of victory over Cave (1:30:40 run) and 6:13 over 3rd-place Thoes (1:29:56 run).
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