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SRAM AXS Drive Train

: Here's the meat and taters of AXS: a 12sp cogset, 10-tooth 1st cog, smaller chain ring combos.

A Hub For All Seasons

: It's the Phoenix hub system, a brand new product. Imagine lots of wheels, with 1 or 2 sets of interchangeable inners.

Electronic Road 1x One Step Closer

: Shimano improves the electronic 1x it's not making. Sort of a double negative.

SRAM eTap Hydro Gravel Makeover

: My Litespeed gravel bike went into witness protection, retaining only its DNA. Its new face and identity: Zipp, eTap, hydro.

Do You Need This Feature?

: I find I need very little float in my cleat. But I’m very picky where that float starts and stops. It's one of several critical pedal features.

Shimano Synchro for Triathlon

: Lefty-uppy, righty-downy. That’s 1-button/Synchro from Shimano. It's very possibly what's coming on your next bike.

Time ATAC XC12 Ti/Carbon

: It's a mountain pedal. No, it's a gravel pedal. No, it's a tri pedal. It's just a pretty good pedal.

Chain Smokin'

: Cue the Michael Jackson popcorn meme for Muc-Off and CeramicSpeed. Here's a more fuel and more data, to enlighten and confuse.

SRAM's New TT Hydro Disc Brakes

: Finally! A first-rate lever-to-caliper hydraulic disc brake option for tri and TT bikes.

1x Best Practices

: SRAM repurposed a pair of shelved technologies, brilliantly displayed their relevancy, and transformed the landscape of cycling. Here's how best to use this tech.

Shimano Di2 versus SRAM eTap

: The best shifting? That's easy. Shimano wins. But SRAM does so much well it's a tough call. Slowtwitchers polled are 50/50 on SRAM v Shimano.

Shimano R9100 (Power Meter!)

: Better ergonomics, greater RD range, improved electrical components, better and faster wheels, borrowed tech from XTR, and a power meter!

SRAM's eTap Wireless Electronic

: There are clear advantages to Shimano Di2, but we haven't seen it in production yet. Here are our first detailed impressions of SRAM's wireless electronic group.

Wippermann's 11sp Chain

: Wippermann's 11sO is the equal to, but not the better of, Shimano's own Dura Ace chain in shifting. If it's not better, why buy it? Here's why.

Is SRAM tri-ready?

: How relevant is SRAM in triathlon in 2015? Shimano has made it tough, but the scrappy Chicago company still has a lot of game for multisporters.

SRAM and the American Psyche

: A components company, like a poem, should not mean, but be. Nevertheless, here is not what SRAM is (that's later). Here is what SRAM means.

Shimano debuts new 105

: Hot on the heels of new 11-speed Ultegra and Dura Ace groups, Shimano will offer a 3rd-tier 105 groupset with that extra cog. What does this mean for your next tri bike?

Rotor long term test

: We review the cranks and oval chainrings from Rotor Bike Components after a full season of use. Covering both the Q-Ring and new QXL, we offer tech tips and guidelines.

Mechanical Shifting for Tri

: As we approach 2014, we examine a simple question: Is mechanical shifting still relevant in triathlon? What brands do it right? How do you optimize your existing bike?

Vision Metron BB386EVO crank

: We review the latest aero crankset from FSA’s Vision brand, dubbed the Metron. It features the new BB386EVO bottom bracket, which we discuss in-depth.

A review of Shimano Ultegra 6870 Di2 and the R785 brakes

: We review the latest 11-speed groupsets from Shimano - Ultegra 6870 Di2 and the ‘non series’ R785 Di2 with hydraulic disc brakes.

Mt. Haleakala descent

: Our Tech Editor attended a test of the new Shimano R785 hydraulic road disc brakes. This included descending for over an hour down Mt. Haleakala in Hawaii.

Mechanical Vs. Electronic

: We dissect the pros and cons of both electronic and mechanical shift systems. Which should you choose and why? Is one inherently faster than the other?

Sampson Cassette Review

: We review the steel cassette offerings from Colorado-based Sampson sports. They now offer a low-cost 11-speed option that is compatible with Dura Ace 9000.

New Dura Ace Di2 Tech

: We look at a few of the new details and features of 11-speed Shimano Dura Ace 9070 Di2. Can Ultegra be converted to 11? What is the best triathlon setup? For more, read on.

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