Video: How To Inject Tire Sealant

Today we continue our coverage of tubeless tech, with a new How-To video. Our last video detailed how to install tire sealant by pouring it directly into a tubeless tire, while today we’ll show our preferred method of using a sealant injector tool. We have also shared basic tips and strategy for using tire sealant, along with an update on the more relevant brands of sealant.

The injector we used is from KOM Cycling, a small US-based manufacturer of sealant tools, Garmin bike mounts, and other cycling accessories. Their system requires that you remove the valve core (using the supplied tool), and injects sealant through a thin straw that goes all the way down into your tire. We used the DT Swiss tubeless valves that come included with their ARC 1100 Dicut 62 carbon clincher wheels, injecting into 25mm Schwalbe Pro One tires.

This style of injector was new to me, but quickly became a favorite. It’s easy to use, doesn’t create a mess, and reduces the amount of sealant residue in the valve stem. It even allows you to remove sealant through the valve stem before removing your tire, an affair that otherwise wastes sealant and creates a huge mess. It also works with inner tubes, assuming the valve stems have removable cores.

Note that, due to the small diameter of the injection tube, KOM recommends that you only use relatively low viscosity sealants, such as Schwalbe Doc Blue, Stan’s NoTubes, Orange Seal, Finish Line and Caffelatex.

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