Ben Hoffman's new fast Cervelo P5X

Ben Hoffman will soon be seen racing on this stunning Cervelo P5X and we had a closer look at his new setup for the coming racing season. But Hoff is not completely new to the brand, he sort of got his start with Cervelo.

"I spent my own money to buy a [Cervelo] P3C in early 2006 to finish my collegiate racing career and launch my professional campaign the following year. Even then they were pushing the boundaries and showing total commitment to the triathlon space, and it continues to show year after year. Even dominating the bike count in Kona and other races worldwide does not create a sense of complacency, as they continue to experiment and innovate in search of constant improvement," said Hoffman.

It will be difficult to overlook the Hoff with this very fly medium sized Cervelo P5X. Hoffman is 177.5cm tall and weighs around 71 kg.

The man and his new machine. There is a sense of awe in the air and according to witnesses, the Hoff has ridden this bike outside in very gnarly conditions.

The cockpit of this bike is a collaboration of Cervelo and Enve, and makes for a very clean front end.

The cockpit as seen from above. Hoffman mounted his Wahoo Elemnt Bolt computer with zip ties between the Enve extensions. The bar tape is by SupaCaz.

The Shimano Dura-Ace hydraulic brakes will provide the stopping power and while Hoffman may prefer to stay off the brakes, he can always count on them.

Hoff rides an Enve SES 54mm disc brake front wheel with a Continental Grand Prix 4000S II 25mm tire. And that whole area looks sleek and aero.

The yellow to green fade is beautiful and makes the frame appear much smaller than it is.

Up close with the Dura-Ace 11-30 cassette and the Dura-Ace hydraulic brake caliper and 160mm rotor.

The view from the other side shows the big range of the cassette and the Ice Friction Tech coated Shimano chain.

The 167.5mm Dura-Ace cranks feature an 4iiii power meter and Ice Friction Tech coated 55/42 Dura-Ace chainrings. The pedals are also by Shimano. The rear wheel is an Enve SES 78mm disc brake model with a 25mm Continental Grand Prix 4000S II tire.

A Shimano PRO Aerofuel Carbon 142mm saddle lets Hoffman spend many comfortable hours on the bike.

The storage space is ample on the P5X.

The bike as seen from the front.

Ben Hoffman in action on his new Cervelo P5X.

Images 1-13 by Jason Huntsinger @ja_photo_images, and the action shot at the end is by Wattie INK.