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Entry-Level-Plus Tri Bikes for 2018

: Triathlon doesn't have to be expensive. Let's talk about bikes aboard which a pro could win an Ironman, for under $3000.

Sam Appleton's new speedy ride

: Aussie Sam Appleton grabbed the win at the 2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong and here is a closer look at his new Giant Trinity Advanced Pro.

Ark Sports - Swimrun to the core

: Swedes Daniel Hansson and Jesper Svensson broke the course record at the 2017 ÖtillÖ World Championships in a time of 7:58:06 - wearing prototype Ark Sports Swimrun wetsuits.

Running Shoes Today

: Now we're down to it. The final installment of our 3-part series on the run shoe market. The killer app? Organic Support.

The Saddles You Are Choosing

: What saddles do people prefer on their tri bikes, when given a real opportunity to try them, and then to choose?

The Changing Narrative in Shoe Tech

: Neutral, Stability and Motion Control, run shoe tech's onetime Holy Trinity, have also caught the last train for the coast. (Pardon us, Don McLean.)

Two New Bars: TriRig Alpha One and Culprit Covert Op

: Here are two aerobars on opposite ends of the cost spectrum but sharing similar design imperatives

Chain Smokin'

: Cue the Michael Jackson popcorn meme for Muc-Off and CeramicSpeed. Here's a more fuel and more data, to enlighten and confuse.

It's Game On With Zwift

: Zwift is a game. Or a training tool. It's also a virtual community, like Westworld, except there's real people behind every avatar.

The Top 15 Kona female Pros on their bikes

: Up close and personal with the bikes and components of the Top 15 female Pros at the 2017 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Bike details of the Top 15 Kona male Pros

: A very detailed look at the bikes of the top 15 males of the 2017 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona plus the bike of bike course record breaking Cameron Wurf.

A green and black beauty

: German pro Markus Fachbach had a rough day in Kona but at least he was looking good aboard this beautiful green and black Canyon Speedmax CF SLX superbike.

My (Long!) Journey to Finding the Right Bike

: I contemplating quitting the sport to go back to pure running. But I just had the most comfortable ride of my life on a new bike. Here's the story.

Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%

: The Vaporfly 4% is the hard-to-get, expensive, much lighter brother of the Zoom Fly. Is this shoe better than the Zoom Fly? Nope.

The Magic 5

: The Magic 5, a small Danish company co-founded by a triathlete, his engineer uncle, and a national team swimmer, aims to use the availability of these tools to change the way swim goggles are made. ...

The red Roo of Matt Hanson

: American Matt Hanson is ready for the upcoming IRONMAN World Championships in Kona and we looked closer at his bright red Quintana Roo PRsix.

Here comes the Airstreeem Super TT Plus

: The Austrian brand Airstreeem unveiled their new Super TT Plus bike in Kona today and we managed to get a closer look at the fast looking bike that can apparently be packed in 5 minutes.

QR Discifies its PR6

: QR intros its PR6 as a disc brake bike, having done much more than just throw a disc and thru axle into its frame.

SRAM's New TT Hydro Disc Brakes

: Finally! A first-rate lever-to-caliper hydraulic disc brake option for tri and TT bikes.

Meet the Reaper

: British triathlete Harry Wiltshire will be racing this Brit made Reap bike in Kona and we were able to have a closer look as he and his machine are getting ready for the big show.

Diamondback IO

: It's the kind of road bike a triathlete can appreciate: Diamondback's Andean detune to road geometry and use.

Run Shoe Tech Terms No Longer Apply

: Terms like Stability and Motion Control are no longer applicable. How did we get here?

The Cervelo P5X of Trevor Wurtele

: About a year ago Trevor Wurtele raced the Cervelo P5X in Kona shortly after it came out. He has since lowered his position on that bike and we took a closer look at it.

Nike Zoom Fly

: Why is this shoe fast for me? I can only say that it works, but not for certain why it works.

In True color

: Sarah True won IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta last weekend and we looked closer at her Specialized S-Works Shiv after the 4th place finish at 70.3 Worlds in Chattanooga.

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