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ROKA Maverick Pro II

: It takes a lot for a wetsuit to surprise me (good or bad). I usually know the score. Here's ROKA's Maverick Pro II.

The distinctive Ventum One of Greg Close

: Greg Close is a professional triathlete and coach who races on this very distinctive checkerboard Ventum One, and as it should be - he also has a matching helmet.

Slowtwitch Limited Edition Team Launch

: Here's a limited edition production of Slowtwitch race apparel, from De Soto.

The Wunderbar

: What to call it? The Zanzibar? the Abdul-Jabbar? The Threeguyswalkintoabar? It's my new aerobar standard.

The Marquise of Eric Lambi

: Every now and then we feature cool age grouper bikes and the Dimond Marquise of Eric Lambi is certainly well worth a closer look.

Electronic Road 1x One Step Closer

: Shimano improves the electronic 1x it's not making. Sort of a double negative.

Comfort and Power: Let's Not Forget How Far We've Come

: See this bike? That was the state of the art if you were racing more than a quarter-century ago. We've come a long way since.

SMP T1 and T2 Review

: We take a close look at two tri-specific saddles from Selle SMP, the T1 and T2. With a wide cutout and curves for days, are they for you?

Caution - Stealth Bomber approaching

: The Stealth Bomber immediately came to mind when age grouper Vilen Rodeski shared images of his tricked out Diamondback Andean in our forum a few weeks back.

First pics of the new and wicked Ceepo Shadow-R

: Ceepo introduced the unique Ceepo Shadow-R super bike today and we have first images of this clever aero design that will likely will bring out emotional responses.

SRAM eTap Hydro Gravel Makeover

: My Litespeed gravel bike went into witness protection, retaining only its DNA. Its new face and identity: Zipp, eTap, hydro.

Giro Introduces Aether MIPS

: Giro has announced a new road helmet featuring an updated and integrated version of the MIPS safety technology.

The Pancake Compressor

: Do you have one of these? I'd sooner give up my smartphone.

Zipp and the Future of Road Tubeless

: As with disc brakes, there’s the way things oughta be and the way things are. Road tubeless is the way things are (or soon will be).

Zipp and the Future of Road Tubeless

: As with disc brakes, there’s the way things oughta be and the way things are. Road tubeless is the way things are (or soon will be).

Challenging Triathlon Saddle Assumptions

: We examine parts of the triathlon saddle paradigm. How do you choose your saddle width and padding? Is there something beyond the narrow and firm racing saddle?

Garmin Fixes Vector 3 Battery Door Snafu

: Power drop. Waking up unbidden. Inaccuracy. The culprit was the battery door. New doors have made their ways to users.

The Serios of Matt Russell

: Matt Russell recently brought his Diamondback Serios to the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, NC and we took a closer look at this race ready machine.

Do You Need This Feature?

: I find I need very little float in my cleat. But I’m very picky where that float starts and stops. It's one of several critical pedal features.

Shimano Synchro for Triathlon

: Lefty-uppy, righty-downy. That’s 1-button/Synchro from Shimano. It's very possibly what's coming on your next bike.

Even With Your Shoes On

: How hard can running be? Why not just go out and run? Here's a book for those who find it's not that simple.

The new Parlee of Heather Wurtele

: Heather Wurtele recently partnered with Parlee Cycles and moving forward she will be racing on a Parlee TTiR disc bike. Here now is closer look at this very fine looking machine of hers.

The Andean's Long Awaited New Stem

: I’ve always felt the Andean is a pro tri bike you must consider. But not with its original stem. In 4 weeks the new stem lands.

Is Your Best Tri Shoe a Road Shoe?

: If you’re an Ironman racer, probably. Short courser, maybe not.

Are Pedals the Place For Power Meters? Maybe

: The pedal makes sense because it’s portable across bikes. But there’s more to consider.

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