Do You Need This Feature?

: I find I need very little float in my cleat. But I’m very picky where that float starts and stops. It's one of several critical pedal features.

The Frame Material Debate

: We investigate the debate of frame materials, and whether there is any future for materials other than carbon fiber. Can steel survive?

Shimano Synchro for Triathlon

: Lefty-uppy, righty-downy. That’s 1-button/Synchro from Shimano. It's very possibly what's coming on your next bike.

Matt Russell hunting for wattage at the A2 Wind Tunnel

: American Matt Russell is still not fully recovered from the horrific crash in Kona last year, but he went to the A2 Wind Tunnel in NC to see how he can get faster.

What is Road Plus?

: We investigate the relatively new concept of Road Plus. Is it cyclocross? Gravel? Something else? Let's explore - pun intended.

The new Parlee of Heather Wurtele

: Heather Wurtele recently partnered with Parlee Cycles and moving forward she will be racing on a Parlee TTiR disc bike. Here now is closer look at this very fine looking machine of hers.

Orthodoxy: Another Real World Example

: Our Reader Forum is the place triathletes take their bike fit problems. Here's another one, and a good object lesson on orthodoxy.

Is Your Best Tri Shoe a Road Shoe?

: If you’re an Ironman racer, probably. Short courser, maybe not.

1x Reconsidered

: Our Tech Editor takes a look at 1x drivetrains and discusses how his feelings towards them have evolved over time. Are they for you?

Are Pedals the Place For Power Meters? Maybe

: The pedal makes sense because it’s portable across bikes. But there’s more to consider.

We Noticed: Garmin, Zwift, and more

: New from Garmin, Oakley, Aerocoach, Zwift, new oversized pullies, and more.

What’s the Best Tire Size for Me in 2018?

: We look at tire sizes for 2018. What should you use and why? How have tire sizes evolved?

The Bermuda themed Specialized Tarmac of Flora Duffy

: Flora Duffy will start the 2018 ITU World Triathlon Bermuda aboard a very beautiful custom painted Specialized Tarmac and we managed to take a closer look.

Diaa Nour's unique Ventum One

: Ventum co-owner Diaa Nour is originally from Egypt and he wanted to have a bike that is a tribute to his home country. Currently at IRONMAN Texas this bike with very intricate golden details is on ...

Bermuda Chronicles: A Taylor-Made Course

: This champion surf swimmer took to the bike like a pro, and is getting better on the run. America's Taylor Spivey could impress in Bermuda.

Bermuda Chronicles: Ben Kanute

: Next week's ITU race is Bermuda features bike course favoring those with specific talents. Like Ben Kanute.

Do These Wheels Make My Tires Look Fat?

: We cover the often misunderstood topic of how rim width can greatly affect tire width - and what it means for your bike.

PowerTap Slashes Prices

: August Power Meter maker PowerTap took a chain saw to its price list, cutting prices on all meters from 20 to 33 percent.

The Canyon Speedmax CF SLX of Brad Williams

: While US Pro Brad Williams visited the A2 Wind Tunnel in North Carolina we had a chance to look closer at his brand new Canyon Speedmax CF SLX race bike.

The Journey to Going Long

: Adventure seeking triathlete Eric Lagerstrom transitions from short to long course racing.

Profile Design: A Coherent Strategy for Aerobars

: We do now finally have a coherent strategy for the use of the aerobar. Profile Design’s new product line is a template for this.

A2 Wind Tunnel discoveries with Brad Williams

: US Pro Brad Williams spent a couple hours in the A2 Wind Tunnel in NC with his new Canyon race bike and discovered quite a few interesting items while he was there.
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