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Diaa Nour's unique Ventum One

: Ventum co-owner Diaa Nour is originally from Egypt and he wanted to have a bike that is a tribute to his home country. Currently at IRONMAN Texas this bike with very intricate golden details is on ...

The very busy and happy Ryan Linden

: Ryan Linden of Team Every Man Jack has been very busy already even though his season has not yet started. He just returned from Boston where his wife Des Linden grabbed a magnificent win at the ...

Bermuda's Butterfield is no One-Trick Pony

: Butterfield made the most of his time at the Commonwealth Games on Australia's Gold Coast racing both triathlon and marathon.

This man is inspired and not easily scared

: Jan Kriska recently completed the 1000 mile Iditasport Extreme event in Alaska in 29 days, 20 hours and 20 minutes and he pulled all his gear in a sled along the way.

The Canyon Speedmax CF SLX of Brad Williams

: While US Pro Brad Williams visited the A2 Wind Tunnel in North Carolina we had a chance to look closer at his brand new Canyon Speedmax CF SLX race bike.

New contender for 70.3 primacy

: Anne Haug was number 2 on the ITU circuit in 2012; now she is contending for Number 1 at 70.3.

Brad Kahlefeldt moves on to new adventures

: Brad Kahlefeldt had a very successful 20-year triathlon career and this very quiet Aussie who recently became a father now decided it was time to move on.

The Journey to Going Long

: Adventure seeking triathlete Eric Lagerstrom transitions from short to long course racing.

Inside Ben Kanute's Texas Shootout

: Kanute's Coach Jim Vance provides detailed insight into the young American's training and racing program.

A2 Wind Tunnel discoveries with Brad Williams

: US Pro Brad Williams spent a couple hours in the A2 Wind Tunnel in NC with his new Canyon race bike and discovered quite a few interesting items while he was there.

A closer look at a Daniela Ryf swim workout

: The 3-time IRONMAN World Champion Daniela Ryf is best known for her bike prowess, but she usually puts herself in a great position with a strong swim. Here now is a look at one of her recent swim ...

Oceanside 70.3 Photo Gallery

: Jan Frodeno avenged his 2017 DNF with a course record win and Anne Haug went to the head of the 70.3 class.

The Factor Slick of Jan Van Berkel

: Swiss Pro Jan van Berkel recently partnered with the Factor brand and here now is a closer look at his sharp looking 2018 Factor Slick race bike.

Stunning pics from ÖtillÖ Hvar in Croatia

: Hvar in Croatia is the first event each year for the ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Series and the beautiful images from this event might entice you to race there next year, go on a vacation in Hvar, or ...

The steady improvement of Matt McElroy

: American Matt McElroy grabbed podium spots at the ITU World Cups in Mooloolaba and New Plymouth this year and we talked to him about racing, training and the lessons learned.

Early April offers top rated triathlon triple header

: Oceanside and Galveston 70.3s and the Commonwealth Games triathlon draw superb fields, intense competition.

The Squad Hornett of Michael Van Cleven

: Belgian Michael Van Cleven is relatively unknown in North America but we now look at his Squad Hornett race bike. A bike we also do not see too often.

One on One with Lauren Brandon

: Lauren Brandon has been racing triathlons since 2010, but only found the long course passion in 2016. The former University of Nebraska swimmer is destroying the competition in the water and now has ...

Terenzo está en fuego!

: Terenzo Bozzone has mastered 70.3s, but a recent hot streak fuels his long time Kona dreams.

An officer and a ...

: Jennifer Ledford is not only a gifted and determined athlete, she is also a Major in the US Marine Corps Reserves and deals with unmanned aircraft systems in her day job.

Beautiful pics from the 2018 Breca Wanaka

: Lake Wanaka is in a stunning area of New Zealand and the Breca SwimRun organization held their second event there last weekend - in both a long course and short course format.

What is up with Cam Dye?

: Colorado resident Cam Dye is an experienced professional triathlete and as he is getting ready for the 2018 season we checked in with him to see what he is up to.

Kristen Jeno Goes Big

: Kristen is a go-getter extraordinaire. An all-around endurance buff and so much more.

A Passion For Swimrun

: Andy Hewitt and Sean Durkin have raced in swimrun competitions all over the world and share their passion for the growing sport with everyone they meet along the way.

Now here is an Intense One

: Brian Smallwood is IntenseOne on Slowtwitch and he currently leads the 100 Runs in 100 Days Challenge on day 90 with 168 runs, and day 90 is not yet over.
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